REEFIT has 3 swivels. The halyard swivel is used so that the genoa halyard doesn't twist around the furler as you furl or unfurl the sail. (Commonly called halyard wrap). TorlonTM ball bearings in each swivel carry the load so that your sail furls freely. An over centre halyard attachment distributes the load uniformly to each ball bearing, giving you smooth rotation.

The head and tack swivels allow the head and tack of the sail to lag when you start to furl. This means the fullest part of the sail furls first, giving you high performance sail shape over a greater sail size range. The draft of the sail can still be adjusted by tension on the headsail halyard. An added advantage of the round headfoil is that the swivel unit will rotate on the foil in the unlikely event of a bearing problem, giving you the benefit of knowing that you will never be caught in a situation where the sail cannot be furled. This failsafe action is exclusive to our design and will add to your peace of mind.


The heart of the REEFIT headsail furling system is an integral bearing column made from marine grade stainless steel. This allows your existing turnbuckle to be used and retains your forestay length adjustment whilst allowing the drum assembly to be positioned at deck level if desired. (below deck installation is possible should your yacht allow for it). The drum can also be elevated if desired by purchasing optional link plates.


The bearings for a reefing system are the most critical component. The REEFIT spins freely on 8 individual races of Torlon ball bearings which give easy furling and excellent load carrying capabilities. (Torlon is the material used by all the world's big boat equipment manufacturers, for high load block and fitting bearings.) System B has 224 balls, System C has 256, so the loads are distributed over a large number of balls in large diameter bearing races. Each ball is therefore only carrying a small portion of the load which results in low friction and easy rolling. The contact surface for the Torlon ball bearings is either stainless steel (bearing column) or anodised aluminium (drum and swivels). Corrosion due to dissimilar metals is eliminated, guaranteeing you a longer lasting product.


The foil sections are supplied in 2 metre lengths with an aluminium connector and bearing at each joint. Each self lubricating bearing isolates the staywire from the aluminium connector. The connector takes the twisting loads between each foil, and ensures that the sail tracks stay perfectly aligned to prevent wear on the sail. Additional bearings and carriers in the top and bottom of the foil assembly ensure easy and friction free operation.


When hoisting the sail use the integrated prefeeders. The sail is drawn forward to the furler and leads into the sail feeder smoothly and evenly. The feeders are simple to remove if desired once the sail is up.


REEFIT foil extrusions are available in 2m lengths. The foils are light in weight but extremely strong. The round profile gives good all-round aerodynamic performance and protects the sail grooves from accidental damage. It also enables the failsafe action of our swivel unit and prevents the "flop" experienced by furlers with eccentric foil shapes. So-called aerofoil extrussions actually face slightly across the breeze when in use and present a similar frontal area for windage, yet don't have the advantages of round foils when furling.


Articulation (the ability of the end fittings to cope with the changing angles of operation due to stay movement) is the most critical part of any forestay installation, and especially so where a headsail furler is fitted. REEFIT addresses this problem with a strong stainless steel toggle at the bottom which attaches to your existing bow fitting, giving simple installation with full articulation. REEFIT does not restrict or limit your forestay tension .


The most common problem with any furling system is the threat of halyard wrap. This is caused when the halyard is twisted around the forestay as you furl the sail. Many different methods have been tried to solve it. We have chosen the only one which always works, and that is to physically prevent it. Your REEFIT comes with a specially manufactured block suitable for either rope or wire halyards, which is fitted to the front of the mast, captivating the halyard. The purpose of this is to open the angle between the halyard and forestay, which guarantees that the halyard cannot twist around the stay.


REEFIT can be installed on your existing forestay via our supplied link toggle or by the extra pin included in the kit. This will give you the option for full rigging screw adjustment. If your existing forestay wire is six years old or more, we recommend the wire be replaced. We can supply you the correct new forestay to suit your REEFIT system. If you are unsure, please contact us for advice.


A link plate is used in some installations where the owner requires the drum to be higher up the forestay. These are available in standard lengths of for B Furlers of  100 and 200mm, and for C Furlers in 200 and 300mm. Custom link plates can also be made to suit any application. Installation of the furler with the use of a link plate requires shortening of the forestay by the corresponding amount. This is economically achieved by replacing the swaged stud at the bottom end of the stay.


Fitted on the stay above the top end of the furler, this prevents overhoisting of the swivel unit and protects the top bearing from any risk of damage from the swage fitting.


Although not supplied as standard with our systems, we do supply deck gear kits if desired. These kits consist of a furling line for the drum, and special blocks and leads which clamp directly onto 1” (25mm) stanchions and rails for leading the line aft. A horn cleat for the cockpit is also included. 8mm line is used for model B, and 10mm line for model C.


REEFIT is boxed for easy transport in a normal car, all parts are packed carefully to prevent damage in transit. We use recycled packaging where possible to help our planet and protect the wonderful environment we all live in.


Comprehensive written instructions and a photo step by step sheet are supplied, and are also available here in PDF format. There are also instructions and measurements for the sailmaker, and a sample of the foil section is included with the system to ensure that the sail fits.


A minimum of tools are required for installation and hex key need for assembly of the joints is included in the kit.


All our Furlers are identified and recorded by serial number. This means we have a record of all components of your system and can easily supply spare parts if required. The full range of parts is available ex stock and can be dispatched to any destination immediately.


REEFIT is supplied with a 10 year warranty. If any part should fail to give you satisfactory service, we will replace or repair it. We only require the return of an item if it can be repaired, or if we can gain information from it for research and development to make our products better for our customers – you. Simply call us for advise or supply of any spare parts. GET STRAIGHT ANSWERS – STRAIGHT AWAY.


The REEFIT headsail furling kit consists of one foil pack and drum kit. This allows the system to suit a wide range of existing stays.

Choose the appropriate drum kit and foil length for your boat from the table below.






1/4 (6mm)
9/32 (7mm)
5/16 (8mm)

10m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 18m


3/8 (9.5mm)
7/16 (11mm)
1/2 (12.5mm)

12m, 14m, 16m, 18m, 20m



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