The REEFIT System

REEFIT is a twin grooved headsail roller furling system designed for sailors who want the convenience and safety of instant reefing, while maintaining the best performance from their sails.

The systems are manufactured by Almasts Australia, in Launceston, Tasmania. The company was formed in the mid 1970's to manufacture masts, rigging, furling systems, and accessories for the marine industry.

We're committed to bringing you quality yachting products at reasonable prices.

As offshore sailors and spar and rigging makers, we offer you the benefits of our years of experience in mast and furling system manufacture and repair.

Over our years in the business, we have serviced or repaired virtually every brand of system on the market, so we know what works (and what doesn't). This knowledge, and feedback from our many customers, has been used in the design, materials selection, and surface finishes for our own system, REEFIT.

We set out to achieve the best mix of features and simplicity for you with the REEFIT system, whilst designing out all the problems and service issues we've encountered.

Contact between stainless steel and aluminium has been eliminated to avoid electrolysis.

No castings are used. All components are machined from billet aluminium in structural and marine grades, then heavily hardcoat anodised to provide durability, extended life and consistently free running.

Bearing systems are designed specifically to  combine long life with low maintenance, low friction, and reliability.

WE DESIGN AND BUILD OUR SYSTEMS TO FAR OUTLAST OUR 10 YEAR WORLDWIDE WARRANTY. Our guiding principle is to avoid warranty claims by providing products that don't break and don't fail. (we know that's not common in business any more, but we're just old-fashioned that way)

REEFIT was designed from the ground up for easy owner installation. it retrofits over your existing stainless steel forestay, and is supplied with all necessary parts and photo sequence instructions for easy installation and set up.

Units are currently produced in two sizes to suit yachts typically from 9 metres up to around 17 metres.

Reefit B & C - The Difference

The difference between Reefit Model B and Model C is the size of boat they suit. Typically, Reefit B would be used on boats from around 29' (8.9m) to around 37' (11.3m), whereas Reefit C will suit boats from around 36' (11m) to around 52' (15.9m).

Whether you use system B or C is determined by the stay diameter of your yacht. If your stay diameter is ¼" (6mm) up to and including 5/16" (8mm) then Reefit B will be the system for you. If your stay size is 3/8" (9.5mm) up to ½" (12.7mm) then system C is the unit for you.


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